The Architecture Q&A: Robbie Antonio

Founder of Antonio Development and director of Century Properties Group, Jose Roberto “Robbie” Antonio is leading a revolution in prefab design

by Luxury Defined

Avid art collector Robbie Antonio recently launched a limited-edition concept for pre-crafted and moveable homes and pavilions, working with the likes of Tom Dixon, Marcel Wanders, and Lenny Kravitz.

Here, he talks to Luxury Defined about the Revolution project.

Robbie Antonio: “I wanted to do something no one had done before, and work with creatives who are constantly pushing boundaries.” Banner image: Ellipsicoon Retreat Pavilion by Ben Van Berkel of UNStudio.

What is your background?
I grew up fascinated about design and architecture, and at an early age recognized the power of brands in the global real estate market.

Tell us about what you do.
I’ve been working in real estate development for more than 20 years, beginning as managing director of [Philippines-based] Century Properties Group, which is responsible for the highest number of fashion-branded real estate projects in Asia. Projects include working with Daniel Libeskind and Armani/Casa on Century SpireMilano Residences (Versace); and Trump Tower at Century City.

ReCreation Pavilion Daniel Libeskind for Studio Libeskind With its distinctive lines and wood and stainless steel design, the ReCreation pavilion offers a twist on the classic summer house or gazebo.

In 2015 you launched Revolution. What was the idea behind the project?
Revolution was a natural next step – an extension of what I have been doing in luxury branded real estate. I wanted to do something no one had done before, and work with creatives who are constantly pushing boundaries; the designers signing on to Revolution recognize the project’s ingenuity and potential. I’ve worked with 12 Pritzker Prize-winning architects and no fewer than 73 international brands on the concept.

Would you say your buildings have a “look”?
In Revolution there is no one distinct “look,” but rather each home or pavilion is marked by the “visual impression” of its designer.

Eden Marcel Wanders The Eden house is available in three different styles, Natural, Eclectic, or Cosmopolitan, allowing the owner to customise the design, and add features such as a lap pool, outdoor bathtub – even a frangipani tree.

The Revolution concept is incredibly innovative – which visionaries have you worked with on the project?
Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher, Campana Brothers, Ron Arad, Lenny Kravitz of Kravitz Design, Ben Van Berkel of UNStudio…

How do you decide who to work with?
It isn’t enough to work with a great architect. It is necessary to get their best work. The constant back and forth when working with a client is the common thread in achieving the best results.

Bettina Pavilion Michael Maltzan Recalling the classic white tent, each structure can be linked to others to make one large pavilion, creating striking peaks on the horizon.

What sets Revolution apart from your other work?
Revolution is unique as it allows us to serve developers and end-users in multiple countries with various needs in terms of size and price. It’s transforming the way developers and consumers interact with high-design real estate. 

Home Tom Dixon A hard-wearing cork interior provides sonic and thermal insulation, while the block format allows the home to grow as the owner’s needs change.

What are your future plans?
We are planning to announce several more architects, designers, and celebrities who have signed with Revolution. I’ve decided to only do things that are game-changing. I’m currently working on a public museum initiative. There’s potential to create cultural destinations, with designer homes, museums, even art parks. This is the direction Revolution is headed.

Your own home has impressive architectural credentials. Please tell us about “Stealth”. 
It’s located in the Philippines and designed by Rem Koolhaas. My personal style is very minimalist and raw.

Armadillo Tea Pavilion Ron Arad Comprising five molded shells, the canopy is designed to provide an intimate enclosure, shelter, or place of reflection within a garden or large internal space.

Describe a typical weekend.
I am often traveling, so it depends where I am in the world. But generally I spend my weekend engaging in cultural activities, whether that be music, art, design – anything that speaks about the city I am visiting.





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