Robbie Antonio is an international businessman, real estate developer, and patron of the arts and design. He is the founder of Revolution Precrafted – a collaboration with some 100 of the world’s leading creatives in design, art and architecture to produce a large portfolio of limited-edition precrafted living spaces, adaptive amenity spaces, pavilions, and other high-end structures.

Everyday Entrepreneur was launched by Robbie especially for beginning entrepreneurs and professionals in the business, architectural, and artistic fields so that he could lend them essential advice, insights, deep experience, diverse knowledge, and a broad network he himself has gained over the years.

More recently, Robbie and Revolution Precrafted released their design-focused NFT series, featuring the exclusive works of internationally renowned architecture firm And Studio. The collection taps NFT technology that is bringing new capabilities for digital art and creators.

Apart from Revolution Precrafted, Robbie is also Founder & CEO of Resident Holdings Group, a collection of start-ups heavily focused on innovation in prop-tech or the tech and real estate spaces.

Learn more about Robbie Antonio by visiting www.revolutionprecrafted.com