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Navigating Business Superstitions During Ghost Month

by Robbie Antonio

As an entrepreneur who experienced the ups and downs of creating a unicorn, I’ve learned to brace for the unexpected. Entrepreneurship is a journey filled with obstacles to overcome as we  navigate uncharted waters.Then there is Ghost Month, an ominous time that adds a fascinating element really, to what is already a complicated commercial world. The traditional notions that dominate this time of year have made their way into my entrepreneurial career and have provided both lessons and cautionary tales.

A Dance with the Unknown

In many East Asian traditions, the onset of Ghost Month evokes mystery. Traditions and superstitions take precedence this season, creating a special spell that affects companies of all sizes. The murmurs and cautions that fellow business owners share during this period come to mind as I think back on my own experiences. It’s a delicate dance with the unknown that adds some complexity to  the art of running a business.

To Launch or Not to Launch?

Imagine that your innovative product—the result of countless sleepless nights, unwavering dedication, and the combined brilliance of your team—is about to be unveiled. But then you realize it’s Ghost Month, and all of a sudden, warnings start to echo. “Wait until it’s over,” they say. According to superstition, businesses made around this period may provoke the rage of wandering spirits. It’s a pivotal moment where reason and superstition collide and business dances with, well, the paranormal.

A precious ceasefire

 Many may dismiss these notions as mere superstitions. But where business is also a very fierce competition between brands and products, Ghost Month does offer some respite, a precious ceasefire if you will, where all can have some time to think and reassess. Now is the moment to prepare, make adjustments, and make sure that every aspect of your business is in sync. This time period serves as a reminder to pay attention to every detail and move cautiously and methodically in the hustle and bustle of startup life. Of course competition might violate the ceasefire – but at their own risk! 

Honoring Tradition, Embracing Change

Honoring tradition in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship doesn’t imply ignoring innovation. Finding the right balance between honoring the past and embracing the future is the goal. Ghost Month encourages us to consider our ancestry and make connections with the cultural environment that helped to form us. By incorporating traditional components into our business journey, we close the generational divide and develop a narrative that goes beyond profit margins.

The Path Less Traveled

Looking back on my own entrepreneurial experience, I find myself enjoying the subtleties that Ghost Month added to the  journey. It’s a period when I was reminded to make every choice with humility, to respect the unknowable, and to understand that success frequently results from a combination of measured risk and mystic magic.

I’ve learned from Ghost Month that there’s beauty in recognizing the unexpected and the fact that there are forces beyond our control in the world of entrepreneurship. It serves as a reminder that the story of entrepreneurship is richer when tales, traditions, and beliefs are included in addition to financial data and bottom lines.

About the Author: Experienced businessman Robbie Antonio is the creative force behind Revolution Precrafted, a unicorn firm that has upended the construction and real estate sectors. Robbie is passionate about business, architecture, and the arts. He enjoys examining the points where tradition and innovation converge and thinks that each entrepreneur’s path can be turned into a special tapestry. For more information about entrepreneurship and the interesting world of business, like Everyday Entrepreneur on Facebook.





9 responses to “Navigating Business Superstitions During Ghost Month”

  1. Jared Salazar Avatar
    Jared Salazar

    It’s actually true na may mga unexpected incidents that may occur when running a business and at the same time, meron namang mga incidents na beyond our control na tinatawag. Yah, this is really true.

  2. Maria Alvarado Avatar
    Maria Alvarado

    haha there are some companies that believe in some superstitions like this August na “ghost month” pero it’s okay lang din naman, wala naman din mawawala kung maniwala. May mga negosyante akong kakilala na they have business superstitions. Wala naman din masama doon 🙂

  3. Claire Ilano Avatar
    Claire Ilano

    Oo, pansin ko nga less ang executions sa company namin kapag month of August kasi sabi “Ghost month” raw ang August at maybe there are “wandering spirits” daw. So ayun. Wala skl hehe

  4. Camille Matapang Avatar
    Camille Matapang

    Oo nga no, habang tinatapos ang month of August, pwede rin naman na gamitin natin ang month na ito bilang “time to think and reassess” lahat ng business plans, etc. Tama tama!

  5. Danielle Navarette Avatar
    Danielle Navarette

    I love your thoughts, Robbie! I love the idea that making August like “a precious ceasefire” where you use the month to think, reassess, talk about the future goals and plans of the company.

  6. Robert Aragon Avatar
    Robert Aragon

    I’m actually agree to this phrase on your article “Ghost Month encourages us to consider our ancestry and make connections with the cultural environment that helped to form us.”

  7. Harold Avatar

    Naniniwala ako that during this month, spirits of the dead are said to cross over from hell to the realm of the living in search of food and entertainment.

  8. Aileen Avatar

    for me i do not believe in Ghost month, dahil superstitious and naniniwala lang ako kay God and his grace

  9. Leona T. Avatar
    Leona T.

    Having passed ghost month, narealize ko these practices help us rethink business decisions, perhaps big ones. Yung “To Launch or Not to Launch?” August really was a time we re-evaluated some operations within the business

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