Levi Libeskind Produces A Prefab Home Design For Revolution Precrafted

by Anastasia Tokmakova, Architect News

Revolution Precrafted, a company launched by developer and art collector Robbie Antonio in 2015, aims to democratize architecture by offering affordable designs for prefab homes and pavilions from over 40 world-renown architects including Kengo KumaJean NouvelKravitz DesignZaha Hadid ArchitectsSou Fujimoto and many more.

One of the company’s new collaborators is Lev Libeskind, son of the architect Daniel Libeskind, who has recently opened his own architectural and design practice in Milan, Italy.

The architect’s design for Revolution Precrafted is designed to be compatible with any location and context.

Its modern form is based on a mathematical unfolding of irregular angles around a rectangular core. In combination with rich materials such as aluminum, natural stone, glass and resin the home is adaptable to just about any site or lifestyle.





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