AQWIRE Onboards Revolution Precrafted As Its First Client

by Inno Maog

Robbie Antonio and Ray Refundo sealing the partnership of Revolution Precrafted and AQWIRE!

Signed and Sealed! Finalized last Sept. 5, Robbie Antonio, Revolution Precrafted CEO, and Ray Refundo, Qwikwire CEO, signed the papers to officially onboard as its first partner listed on AQWIRE.

“We’re really, really excited that Revolution Precrafted & Sir Robbie Antonio would be joining us in the project for AQWIRE. Revolution Precrafted is already a global company. They have multi-billion dollar deals all over the world — Dubai, in Myanmar, or even in the Philippines — and they’re growing fast. And the synergy that we’ll be putting together is really gonna make a difference.” Ray said.

AQWIRE, a global real estate listings platform powered by the blockchain, will serve as a way for property developers to be able to access international buyers. It will help developers tap the greater pool of property investors that are either not in their home countries or want to invest in international properties.

As Qwikwire’s brainchild, AQWIRE will be able to use Qwikwire’s robust banking network to be able to process off-chain transactions, like credit and debit card payments, ACH (Automated Clearing House) and SWIFT, services that are not normally available on real estate property listings platforms. Also, the platform will be able to help potential property buyers in the decision making process by providing them with analytical data reports that show various trends (traffic density, property ROI, schools nearby, etc.)

“The cross border international real estate market is now at 400 billion dollars. Many people in China, South Korea and Japan are buying properties in the West and in Australia. Similar thing happens in Southern Europe. It’s really an exciting space to be in.” Refundo added.

To provide more value to buyers, AQWIRE has also partnered with SCI (Satoshi Citadel Industries) to process cryptocurrency payments (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin). This will enable cryptocurrency investors who would want to diversify their investments to a more tangible asset, like real estate, to easily access international properties and use their existing cryptocurrency portfolio as funding methods. This service is especially unique to AQWIRE as most conventional listings platform don’t offer payment services and vis-a-vis.

AQWIRE will be able to do this by leveraging the Ethereum blockchain and develop several smart contract (ERC20) applications that will replace many of the time-consuming and redundant steps plaguing the international real estate space. Many of which involves time and money, unnecessarily adding stress to the buyer who has all the intent to purchase the property in the first place.

On some instances, buyers just shy away from purchasing the property, costing the developer a sale. With smart contracts in place, the developers, brokers and agents as well as the buyers can agree on specific terms of the contract, have that on the blockchain and let it execute automatically once the specific terms are met. This is especially helpful when dealing with escrow payments, queueing procedures and bidding arrangements for particular units, to name a few. It doesn’t need any human intervention to carry out and push the terms through.

From looking for available units, to helping out with financing options, to booking and leasing reservations. AQWIRE aims to provide a platform to make international property buying and selling as easy and as hassle free as possible, to all parties involved.

As the Philippines’ first and only unicorn (companies valued at $1B and more) to date, Revolution Precrafted is truly a global leader in the Proptech or Property technology, industry. By connecting over 80 of the world’s top artists, designers and architects, they have created prefabricated homes designed to disrupting the monotony in real estate.

“Revolution is a global company that is present in 6 continents & 24 countries which essentially makes us a true global player. We signed up developers where we provide structures to and supply to myriad of different land owners and such developers. In line with our global vision to actually penetrate & permeate throughout the rest of the world. AQWIRE will actually allow foreign developers to do global real estate transactions.” Mr. Antonio stated.





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