This futuristic pop-up home looks like a pod from outer space

by Chloe Pantazi, Business Insider

First, a French architecture firm released a pop-up home that looks like it’s made out of LEGO blocks

Now, the Mexico City-based architect Fernando Romero has designed a concept for a prefabricated home called The Nest Pod, a saucer-shaped structure that can be built anywhere and customised according to room numbers and colour. 

The unconventional home, which we first read about on the design site De Zeen, was conceived for the precrafted property firm Revolution Precrafted.

It’s designed to fit in multiple environments and locations, with an elliptical shape that “allows the building to harmoniously relate to any context,” according to Romero’s write-up of the project.

“We live in a world where mobility became a very important asset, and this house is designed for a new generation of people that can live simultaneously in different parts of the world,” he wrote.

The Nest Pod wouldn’t bear a burden on the landscape around it, either. “The minimized footprint greatly reduces the impact on the build site,” Romero explained, and only requires “a small site in an urban landscape.”

Take a closer look at the futuristic pop-up home below.

The Nest Pod is developed around a North-South axis, and takes up a mere 95 square-metres of space. “The structural grid, which radiates from the center, allows the home to be easily fabricated off-site, shipped, and constructed on location,” the architect explained.

project perspective - Nest Pod

This is the living room. Though the sofa doesn’t look that comfortable, the “panoramic windows” could mean spectacular views depending on where you set up your pod home.

Living Room Rendering - Nest Pod

Here’s the dining area, divided from the living area by a wall compression to create “gently carved interior spaces” that reflect the home’s exterior.

Dining Room Rendering - Nest Pod

For a good night’s sleep, you would need to put up some curtains in the bedroom. As you can see, the structure’s curved theme continues inside, where even the light pours through in an elliptical shape.

BedRoom Rendering - Nest Pod

The bathroom is a minimalist’s dream.

BathRoom Rendering - Nest Pod

This design includes a pool outside. One single public area opens to the exterior by its panoramic windows, oriented North and South. Each dwelling is customisable in room number and colour, allowing each user to create a one of a kind experiential dwelling.

pool - Nest Pod

If the home looks more like a vehicle, that’s not entirely unintentional. “Manufacturing this house will require the same discipline of the construction of a car, a yacht, or an airplane,” Romero explained in the write-up.

project perspective - Nest Pod

While you might have to forget about privacy, the best part of living in this pop-up pod would be getting to choose the colour of your home and the number of rooms it has.

Aerial Rendering - Nest Pod

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