These Armadillo-Inspired Canopies Create a Versatile and Comfortable Space

by Riley von Neissen, TRENDHUNTER

The ‘Armadillo Tea Pavilion’ designed by Ron Arad for Revolution Precrafted is inspired by the armored shell of the mammals it’s named after.

The tea pavilion is crafted using a number of different canopies that overlap one another. The front of the structure is left open, allowing its inhabitant to relax and enjoy their surroundings. Although displayed outdoors, the tea pavilion in able to be utilized indoors as well, since the five canopies that construct its unique shape can be sized down or expanded.

With this, Ron Arad’s design functions to provide a comfortable and more intimate setting for different sized groups — welcoming people to sit inside within its timber walls. The versatile tea pavilion is offered in a number of different finishes and its structure can change depending on the needs of the consumer.





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