Swire Properties And UTA Fine Arts Partner Up For Art Basel In Hong Kong


Art Basel takes place this week in Hong Kong, and Swire Properties and United Talent Agency Fine Arts have partnered up for a week of programming that incorporates public art, architecture, fashion and design. “During Art Basel in Hong Kong 2015, I saw firsthand how Swire Properties is dedicated to bringing art, architecture, and design to the community through its properties and sponsorships,” said Josh Roth, head of UTA Fine Arts. “I was inspired to strike up a conversation with the company’s leadership, seeing a great opportunity for us to harvest Swire Properties’ goodwill within the community and build upon their legacy.” The partnership could be a preview of what’s yet to come for Swire Properties and UTA Fine Arts. Here’s a preview of the week’s happenings:

“Pacific Red” by Larry Bell at Pacific Place in Hong Kong

“Pacific Red” by Larry Bell

While art in shopping malls may be a bizarre thing in the United States and Europe, it’s quite common in Asia, and for the 2016 edition of Art Basel in Hong Kong, and to further Swire Properties’s and UTA’s goal to show art to audiences who would otherwise not be exposed to it, American artist Larry Bell has installed in the mall and the Upper House at Pacific Place. Three red, large-scale reflective glass cubes will stand tall and radiant, manipulating light and air into art. “ Larry finished installing his massive glass cubes just days ago, and we’ve already seen Instagram posts popping up and local children playing amongst the works,” said Roth. “This project embodies the goals of both Swire Properties and UTA Fine Arts: bringing art to a large cross-section of the public, providing access to art in unexpected places.”

Hugh Dutton’s Swire Properties Lounge at Art Basel

Art fair lounges have a tough job of trying impress the VIP collectors who are in search of acquiring works of art worth six figures or more. British architect Hugh Dutton’s effort — located at the Swire Properties Lounge at the Level 1 Concourse opposite the Hall 1C entrance of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre —is inspired by his Climate Ribbon at Swire Properties’ Brickell City Centre in Miami, and features a ribbon floating in a figure eight, emulating the symbol for infinity.






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