Robbie Antonio’s Designer Pre-fab Homes A Big Hit

by The Good News Pilipinas Team

Trump Tower Manila developer Robbie Antonio is collaborating with 48 of the world’s leading architects and designers to bring limited edition designer pre-crafted properties to Manila.

Antonio, CEO of Revolution Precrafted, is pioneering the pre-crafted home concept to simplify the process of owning a dream home by a dream designer by allowing anyone to hand-pick a design by world-renowned architects, artists, and designers – including Tom Dixon, Sou Fujimoto, Fernando Romero, David Salle and celebrities such as Daphne Guiness and Lenny Kravitz – and have it transported right on the owner’s doorstep.

The real estate developer, who himself owns a mansion in Manila designed by Rem Koolhaas, is creating designer homes and pavilions that are made to order and shipped in a span of 3 months.

The Revolution pre-crafted home features all essential space functions with complete provisions for utilities.

No two homes or pavilions are alike with the real estate developer giving a free hand to his designers.The Century Properties CEO initially instructed designers to create structures from 50 to 250 square meters with components that could fit in a shipping container, allowing the pre-crafted home or pavilion to be shipped to anywhere in the world.

The pre-crafted designs are also flexible, with structures that can be dismantled and moved from location to location.

The NorthWestern University and Stanford University graduate who has launched Manila projects such as the Trump Tower Manila and Paris Hilton’s Paris Beach Club at Azure Urban Resort Residences, also partnered with Versace for The Milano Residences and the first residential development of MissionIHome.





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