Robbie Antonio: Revolutionizing Real Estate

by InBusinessNews

A pioneering figure in the global real estate market, Revolution Precrafted founder and CEO Robbie Antonio has managed to set new standards in the international real estate market by supplying prefabricated homes and other innovative projects, designed by world-renowned architects and artists.

In an exclusive interview with GOLD, Robbie Antonio discusses the benefits of prefabricated homes, as well as his vision for the transformation of traditional building.

Art, fashion and architecture

Marrying things he professes to be passionate about, namely art, fashion and architecture, he created Revolution Precrafted, a company based in the Philippines that balances aesthetics with functionality.

The company offers prefabricated furniture, luxury camping, museums and offices, and is in the process of expanding its product portfolio.

The possible cooperation with CTC

Speaking about his possible cooperation with CTC Group in Cyprus, he explains why he considers Cyprus an attractive investment destination.

As Mr. Antonio said, discussions are ongoing with the CTC group for a possible residential project, while his company says it is open to other partnerships. “We see that there is great potential for designing residential and hotel units,” he said. Currently, the discussions concern the creation of units in Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos.





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