Precrafted pavilions by world’s preeminent architects made their debuts at Design Miami/ 2015

Revolution Precrafted Properties unites more than 30 of the world’s preeminent architects, artists and designers to create a series of prefabricated living spaces, including Pritzker Prize-winner Zaha Hadid, Ron Arad, Kengo Kuma, and Campana Brothers, among others. The result is a diverse collection of innovative, functional and collectible structures.

The launch at Design Miami/ 2015 debuts Zaha Hadid’s curved VOLU Pavilion and Gluckman Tang’s structured Model Art Pavilion, each individually imbued with its designer’s personal concept of spatial form and social function.

gluckman tang Model Art Design Pavilion - 2015 design miami prefabricated-
gluckman tang Model Art Design Pavilion - 2015 design miami prefabricated

“Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and cost-efficient production systems, Revolution is democratizing high design and architecture by introducing designed spaces in exclusive collaboration with industry leaders. The project adds a new dimension to the way design and architecture are perceived, realized and collected,” says Revolution’s team.

Robbie Antonio has developed premier commercial, residential, cultural, and civic projects around the world in collaboration with artists, architects, and designers. Having worked with nine Pritzker Prize-winning architects and no less than 67 international brands, Antonio has established himself as a leading tastemaker and specialist in the spheres of art, architecture, design, branding and real estate.

ETN Design is a new venture from Edward Tyler Nahem, whose eponymous New York gallery was founded over thirty years ago and specializes in modern, post-war and contemporary art. Nahem and Antonio share a belief in the power of design to shape our world.





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