Perfect for glamping Wooden tents like Ohm from “Nausicaa” are stylish

In 2016, glamping , where you can spend an elegant time in nature , was a big hit. The momentum is likely to continue in 2017, but maybe you can enjoy gorgeous camping in a tent like this? ・The “Ohm” type wooden tent “Armadillo Tea Canopy” is an armadillo type tent designed by industrial designer Ron Arad . For Japanese people, the shape is more reminiscent of Om from “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” rather than Armadillo. It looks great in nature ♡ – Not only can it be used outdoors like a single roof, but it can also be used by dividing it into parts. It looks comfortable when used for afternoon tea or outdoors! “Armadillo Tea Canopy” is a concept design exhibited at “Revolution Precrafted Properties” , which collects excellently designed houses and tents, but it seems that fun will spread if it is sold to the general public. Revolution Precrafted Properties (Armadillo Tea Canopy) Outdoor (Summary)





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