Modern design pavilion by Zaha Hadid

by Claire Deschamps, Design Magazine

The small  design pavilion  that we make you discover with this publication is part of a project launched by Zaha Hadid and presented at Miami Art Week 2015. It consists of the manufacture of a series of prefabricated constructions of this type, including habitable houses. The project, entitled Revolution, is designed with the collaboration of the specialist in the field of the real estate market Robbie Antonio and in collaboration with more than 30 architects, designers and artists recognized throughout the world. His goal is to create a series of living spaces that are inspired by high technology but with an affordable cost.

Small modern-style pavilion as part of the Revolution project

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The modern-style pavilion created by Zaha Hadid’s team of architects is named “Volu” and it is a construction that contributes to the work of the creative platform by providing a dining area. The building is characterized by its remarkable silhouette, by its original forms and by its light construction, which is typical for the  modular structures of modern style.

Volu modern style pavilion by Zaha Hadid

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The pavilion was developed using complex digital technology in order to be able to support its own weight while having a rather original shape. In fact, this technology has been based on a detailed analysis that has freed the structure of all the elements of the construction that are not essential for it to be durable enough. The result is striking: a modern and unusual building that echoes the shapes found in our natural environment. Here are the rest of the images of this small structure, made by Zaha Hadid as part of Revolt:

Interior layout of the building with modern design furniture

Modern prefab interior design

Decoration and modern design: prefabricated structure with original shapes

Revolution project: construction of modern design meals

Zaha Hadid project presented at Miami Art Week 2015

Architecture and design by Zaha Hadid

Small designer building: the Volu pavilion





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