In Miami, Zaha Hadid presents prefabricated dining pavilion

by Mari Bruno,

In the search for transportable, accessible and collectible structures, the focus of the REVOLUTION project , award-winning Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid created a dining pavilion for the first piece in the series of pavilions and prefabricated houses.

Zaha Hadid’s ‘Volu’ Pavilion holds up to 10 people.

Presented at this year’s Design Miami, the Volu pavilion impresses with its technological and metallic structure, with hollow details and wooden furniture. Concept by the architect in partnership with Patrick Schumacher, the piece resembles a semi-open shell, with a platform floor, floor and column. In total, they are 6 meters high and 20 m2 in total, which house three curved benches and a round table.

Partial detail with side and structural view of the Volu pavilion, by Zaha Hadid

“Defined by sophisticated digital processes, the structure has been developed in such a way that its components are, at best, singly curved. The innovations were computer-programmed to integrate manufacturing constraints into the design while allowing engineering feedback in an interactive delivery process”, explains the REVOLUTION website, which underscores that the topology of the dining pavilion was designed to remove unnecessary materials and recreate principles found in nature.

Structured like a metallic shell, the pavilion has a floor and ceiling connected by a hollow column. 

Inside the Volu, the wooden furniture holds up to 10 people. 

Structural detail of the Volu pavilion by Zaha Hadid





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