Hollywood Glam Meets High Street Living

by Philippine Daily Inquirer

Revolution has teamed up with some of Hollywood’s best to design one-of-a-kind structures .

The movers and shakers of the real estate industry over the past couple of decades have predominantly been architects and designers, whose wealth of experience has borne iconic structures.

Recently design and art has begun to intersect with other disciplines. Art, design, architecture, and fashion are all means for self-expression, fashion being the closest and most personal of them all.

It does not come as a surprise that celebrities, musicians, style and fashion icons, gravitate towards expressing their craft through different mediums—from furniture to product design, interior design, as well as architecture.

These people are among those whom Revolution Precrafted is collaborating with.

Founded by Robbie Antonio, Revolution Precrafted plays a role in the emergence of this new breed of designers and starchitects, by acting as a platform for artistic collaboration.

“We are very particular about choosing the brands that we work with, and this has been one of the most exciting aspects of the business. Searching for, collaborating with, and producing structures designed by the best minds in the world, is what drives us at the company,” Antonio said.

To date, Revolution has gathered over 61 of the world’s leading architects and designers to design one-of-a-kind structures exclusively for Revolution. Belonging to this formidable lineup of industry thought leaders are creatives from Hollywood’s glitterati and fashion icons.

Kravitz Design

Kravitz Design Inc. was founded by legendary music icon Lenny Kravitz. Focusing on residential, commercial, and product design, the firm touts a portfolio of noteworthy ventures.

Working with Revolution allowed him to channel his vibe into a house that is sensual and tough at the same time.

The Instrumental Home, a collaboration between his firm and Marmol Radziner, carries a smooth and masculine design. The dark grey finish and modern cabin-esque walls of the facade continues into the interiors creating a sinewy silhouette, while the overall monolith shape of the single-storey structure evokes a muscular allure.


Design duo Camilla Stærk and Helena Christensen are the brains behind STÆRK&CHRISTENSEN, a New York-based studio with a reputation for holistic work across the fields of fashion, interior design, furniture, photography, and film.

The marriage of Stærk and Christensen’s individual styles and interests gave birth to an aesthetic rooted in a Danish design heritage and mid-century modern sensibility, mixed with gothic, mythical themes as well as the haunting glamour of old Hollywood.

Soon, Revolution will be launching a home, a spa pavilion, and fitness structure crafted by the veritable design duo.

Daphne Guinness

The British heiress is possibly one of the fashion and style world’s most inventive characters. She has been thought of as unique, enigmatic, and a true maverick. But Daphne’s unique perception of beauty and her skill for creatively expressing it is seen second to none.

Daphne dabbles in various artistic pursuits such as fashion, music, film, and even perfumery. Her curiosity and eye for beauty eventually led her to venture into architecture.

The Skin House is a “fashion” house that reflects the style of Daphne Guinness. The façade is composed of a series of fixed and collapsible metal panels. When the panels are closed, the house assumes the form of a metal box. When opened, the “sculpture” transforms into a house: doors and windows are revealed behind the panels.

Daphne’s house reflects her style: modern and classic. The polished concrete floor, red elements, and golden spiral staircase create vibrant interiors that match neoclassical design and modern finishes.





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