Filipino Investors Build A Luxury resort In Tarragona Valued At 45 Million

by Alberto Sanz

The Philippine company  Revolution Precrafted reaches Europe through the Ebro Delta. This prefabricated house builder, which has a turnover of more than 6.5 billion dollars in 2018, joins the Spanish architects of BC Estudios to create a luxury ‘resort’ in the city of Tarragona. A project valued at 52 million dollars, about 45 million euros at the current exchange rate. 

This hotel complex is based on the ‘ glamping ‘ format, outdoor camping that has a luxury format and the conditions typical of the best hotels. “The Ebro Delta is undervalued. It is an area that has little tourism and of medium/low quality, therefore, we have seen a very good opportunity,” says Gabriel Barba, director of BC Estudio.

Under the agreement, Revolution Precrafted will supply 50 villas for this project. The contract consists of 40 one-bedroom prefabricated houses measuring 30 square meters each, as well as 10 two-bedroom villas. Each unit will have a minimum price of 171,000 euros . “Revolution Precrafted stands out for creating designer prefabricated houses that manage to satisfy all the tenants’ requests,” says Barba.  

The Ebro Delta is undervalued. It is an area that has little tourism and medium/low quality, therefore, we have seen a very good opportunity”

This agreement between the Philippine company and the Spanish company is a first phase. According to estimates by BC Estudios, this land could house nearly 1,000 villas . The objective is that this ‘resort’ can start its operation in 2020. For its part, Revolution Precrafted affirms that it will start the construction of these houses in 2019. “We continue with the negotiation to detail the last fringes of this exciting project”, points out Barba . The Barcelona -based architecture studio points out that it has already had various meetings with the City Council to discuss this project.

In addition to the villas of the Philippine manufacturer, this first phase of the Delta del Ebro project includes a space of 700 square meters that corresponds to the space of the social club. “A main building that concentrates all the services: a wellness center with yoga, spa and chiropractor , a restaurant specializing in the products and cuisine of the area with 100% organic food, as well as a small events center,” he points out in the description of this mega-investment called ‘Glamping Hotel “El Silencio”‘.

Mobility with electric car

Users will not be able to drive to the door of their villas with their private car. According to the company, they must leave the vehicle in the parking lot at the entrance and their mobility in the ‘resort’ will be carried out by electric car. “The objective is to house couples and families who will be able to enjoy bungalows with pools or jacuzzis and have access to a private beach,” says the director of BC Estudios.

The landscape of the ‘Glamping Hotel “El Silencio”‘ is a point that the company highlights. “The paths and the areas in front of the bungalows will be modeled with white sand. The landscape project would be done with the existing vegetation present in the delta,” they highlight. A new camping format that has caught the attention of Filipino investors.  





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