Ellipsicoon, The New UNStudio Pavilion For Revolution Precrafted

by Lara Novo Munoz

A sculptural volume of curved shapes and sinuous outline

Ellipsicoon is the name of the pavilion that the Dutchman Ben van Berkel, from UNStudio , has designed for the company specializing in prefabricated construction, Revolution Precrafted . A sculptural volume of curved shapes and sinuous outline, which through elliptical openings on its surface —with which views are framed and natural light is allowed to enter— perfectly blends interior and exterior. Digitally designed and handwoven by skilled artisans, with 100% recyclable high-density polyethylene(HDPE), has been conceived as a resting space for the mind. “I wanted to create a refuge with a timeless character, which goes beyond the everyday and where day-to-day worries disappear”, explains the architect. Inside, slightly raised above ground level, the woven skin that envelops the entire volume works interchangeably as a floor, wall, ceiling or a large bench where you can sit and rest.





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