DOST Partners With Revolution Precrafted To Showcase World Class R&D In Construction Technology


Revolution Precrafted, the country’s first unicorn and the trailblazer for local start-ups, combines world-renowned designers and the latest advances in construction technology to deliver designer, custom homes at five times the speed and nearly half the cost to property developers and landowners. This winning business model may just expand further through Revo’s recent partnership with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) which brings with it a network of researchers in materials science and construction engineering. With an army of researchers on Revo’s side, novel construction methods and materials will find their way in Revo’s homes.

Revo states that, “Now is the time to showcase Philippine ingenuity through research and development on construction materials on the world stage”. DOST-PCIEERD on the other hand says, “We’d like to build on the early success of Revo and improve further this global product through innovative materials developed through the interaction of Revo and DOST scientists and engineers.”

Founder and CEO of Revolution Precrafted, Robbie Antonio is regarded by many as the face of the start-up scene in the Philippines and disruptor of traditional brick and mortar businesses. This dynamic and pioneering relationship with DOST enables policies, programs and strategies to be developed. Their shared mission is to implement the optimal utilization, transfer and commercialization of technologies and research outputs. DOST-PCIEERD Executive Director Carlos Primo C. David emphasized that the partnership provides a venue for the exchange of ideas on products for development and leads the way to innovation, research and development in the industry.

Exclusivity, efficiency and versatility are realized by taking advantage of advanced and new materials, products and processes suited for prefabricated exteriors and interior panels, prototypes, and to create systems for faster assembly. The marriage of art and technology is made possible by connecting preeminent architects, artist and designers with a network of scientists, researchers, tech firms and start-ups in the Philippines.

With the sharing of the innovation, the DOST is providing its entire research force in creating innovative materials for use in these bespoke structures. The Revolution Precrafted collaboration is the first step to pioneer design democratization. Now, the creation, research and development of technologies for prefabricated materials allow accessibility to the world’s best architects at an affordable price.

Revolution Precrafted aims to be the structure supplier of choice in the world with a vision of filling the need and fulfilling everyone’s dream of having a home. “Quality, value and beauty of design should be available for all. We can accomplish this as we leverage on cutting edge research and technology”, as stated by the company.

There will be dedicated funding for research and development activities that will contribute to the economic and industrial development of the country. As the first unicorn start up in the Philippines, Revolution Precrafted is proof of concept that technological innovations, research and development can improve operations and boost productivity and competitiveness.

Overall, the partnership contributes to DOST’s long term vision as a provider of world-class scientific, technological and innovative solutions for the economic and industrial development of the Philippines.






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