Design- Driven, Limited- Edition Homes

An Interview with Robbie Antonio, Founder and CEO, Revolution Precrafted

by Leadersmag

You founded Revolution Precrafted in 2015. What was your vision for the company and the opportunity that you saw in the market?

Having a background in real estate, I knew that there was still a lot of demand for homes in the Philippines and around the world. I also knew that customers have their usual pain points when trying to acquire a new home. Homes are expensive, and they take time to build and many people get discouraged. Addressing those pain points was one of the motivations behind Revolution Precrafted.

We want to offer homes that can be built fast at a fraction of the cost of traditional home building. We want to differentiate our products from the usual prefab homes by partnering with global architects, designers and artists to come up with design-driven, limited-edition homes.

How has Revolution Precrafted evolved since its founding and will you highlight the state of the business today?

The company was launched in December 2015 and, since then, we have evolved into a company that offers a diverse number of products, not just prefab homes. We still offer our main core products of prefab homes, pavilions, museums, furniture and pop-up retail, but we have expanded to offer low- to mid-rise offices and buildings.

We are also gearing up for new product offerings such as affordable homes, fintech products and hydroponics. We also intend to offer prefab condos and hotels. We are also now offering licensing for salon, gym and spa concepts under our new company called Renegade Concepts, in partnership with our influencers and celebrities. We feel that its important to always grow so we maintain our success.

How do you describe the benefits and advantages of prefab housing and are these advantages well understood in the market?

Prefab structures are easier and faster to build. By streamlining the construction process, we are able to deliver homes faster and we are able to limit the cost by doing that. Over the past two years, we have been able to educate our customers and partners of the benefits of prefab construction. More than that, they believe in our business model of bringing designer and branded prefab structures.

What differentiates Revolution Precrafted from its competitors?

We are the only branded prefab company in the world. While there are other companies that partner with celebrity architects for a project or two, we have more than 80 of the world’s best architects, designers and artists under exclusive partnership. We expect this number to increase as we expand to develop other structures.

What has been the importance of partnering with well-known designers in helping to grow the business?

They are at the core of our business model. Anyone can build a home, a gym or a spa, but by partnering with design geniuses, we are able to elevate these products to a whole new level. Our designers provide more legitimacy and credibility to our products and to our business.

Will you discuss the global footprint for Revolution Precrafted and the key markets for future growth?

We currently have a footprint in 28 markets in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, as well as North and South America. For our upcoming new products and ventures, we want to focus more on Southeast Asia because the demand there is great.

Have you been happy with your success in attracting top talent to Revolution Precrafted?

Yes, I am very happy with the caliber and talent of our people. We have been successful at recruiting high performing individuals who are very much committed to the goals of the company.

What are your key priorities for Revolution Precrafted as you look to the future?

Our priority is to expand our product portfolio and to become a bigger marketplace for real estate projects. We want to be able to link developers and fabricators to customers in order to achieve more cost efficient, quality real estate projects. Over the past two years, we have been successful at growing our network, but we want to expand this network even further so that there are more choices and there is a heavier inflow of orders and projects. We also hope to expand our franchising and licensing business because we believe that it is going to be a significant revenue stream for the company.





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