Court Dismisses All Complaints Against Revolution Precrafted

by Globe News Wire

Following complaints stemming from unavoidable complications brought on by the global pandemic in early 2020, the Makati Regional Trial Court (RTC) first cleared Revolution Precrafted and its CEO Robbie Antonio of any wrongdoing in November 2021. Now, the noted real estate businessman and his company have scored yet another legal victory as the Makati RTC Office of the Prosecutor once again dismissed the second, and only remaining case on April 7, 2022. The court declared both cases as unfounded.

Cited in its resolution (NPS no. XV-05-INV-21J-1918), the court determined that “there is no evidence to support a complaint for syndicated estafa or violation of P.D. 1689,’’ and neither was there evidence to conclude that “Revolution, through respondents as officers and directors, committed or performed acts of defraudation and misappropriation.”

“Of course, there is a sense of vindication as the court’s decision supports the fact that we have always honored our legitimate commitments to all connected business parties,” Antonio said. “While this was just an unfortunate and unavoidable situation, we are happy to have sorted out all issues and now turn our focus to exciting developments ahead. With the world slowly beginning to return to normal, we are in the process of studying our operations, and considering plans to explore all-new areas with Revolution Precrafted.”

Founded by Robbie Antonio in 2015, Revolution Precrafted is a collaboration of almost one hundred of the world’s foremost creatives in architecture, art, and design which produces a full suite of limited-edition precrafted living spaces, adaptive amenity spaces, pavilions.





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