Cloud-like: Prefab house by Studio Fuksas

by Nina Shell, DETAIL Business Information

‘Matilda’ – this is the name that the architect and designer duo Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas (Studio Fuksas) have given the house they have developed for Wallpaper as part of the “Revolution” project. Like all the dwellings in the series, the Matilda Home is based on pre-fabricated elements and is thus quick and easy to erect.

As the designers state, “The idea to bring design also in common life attracted us. This is a new concept of habitat of house. It’s a mobile home it can be everywhere around the world; everybody can be a client. It’s a modular unit so many of them can be added together like a cloud. It can even be a city .This is not an object, it is a concept; it can be a city, a landscape or simply a home. Easy to build, it can be done in different materials more or less expensive. ‘Matilda’ is a completely different space since nowadays we don’t need so much storage space, you just need to have a screen. The only important thing is to have a nice place to eat, to seat and to sleep.” And naturally a piece of property on which to locate your own personal part of the cloud.
Further houses in the limited edition can be seen here





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