by Daria Speiwok, Coveted Edition

Our interior design magazine will introduce one of today’s most relevant international architects. Fernando Romero is tightly involved in architectural design. The architect has designed a house of the future Nest Pod.

CovetED Architectural Design Nest Pod by Fernando Romero Pool

Fernando Romero’s projects address a wide range of public and private initiatives from community education to urban development. Fernando Romero has been selected to design the New International Airport for Mexico City. It is estimated that the project will require an investment of 9 billion dollars. It is going to be the most sustainable airport in the world. During his practice in Europe, Romero worked in Paris under Jean Nouvel and in Rotterdam under Rem Koolhaas.

CovetED Architectural Design Nest Pod by Fernando Romero

Fernando Romero has found a firm FR-EE. Converging organic and systematic design approaches, FR-EE’s projects translate contemporary moments of society and culture into built form, achieving ground-breaking results through extensive technological advancements, through research, and implementation of green infrastructures. The concept of translation embodies his understanding of architecture, using design to transform context, conditions and moments into buildings and places with structured identities. Ultimately, the goal of each project is to experience and render periods of societal, political and economic transformation into three-dimensional form.

CovetED Architectural Design Nest Pod by Fernando Romero Living Room Rendering

Today FR-EE is a global architecture and design practice operating at the intersection of culture, development and technology with offices in New York and Mexico City. Collaboration is central to FR-EE’s design investigation, working closely with clients, policy makers, curators, educators, non-profit entities, developers, engineers, contractors, artists and anthropologists, to ultimately reach comprehensive and innovative solutions. Beyond practicing design, FR-EE orchestrates initiatives aimed at elevating standards of living and education, particularly in Latin America, through research, sports and curation.

CovetED Architectural Design Nest Pod by Fernando Romero  BedRoom Rendering

The Nest Pod is a  pre-crafted  home  that  belongs both to Architecture and Product design worlds. Manufacturing this house will require the same discipline of the construction of a car, a yacht, or an airplane. We  live  in  a  world  where  mobility became a very important asset,  and  this  house  is designed for a new generation of people that can live simultaneously in different parts of the  world.  It  is  an  innovative  prefabricated house, which  is intelligently  suited  for  any environment  or  location,  answering  to these urging  necessities. Its elliptical  shape allows  the  building  to  harmoniously  relate  to  any  context. The minimized  footprint greatly  reduces the impact on the build site, by preserving  a natural environment or requiring a small site in an urban landscape.

CovetED Architectural Design Nest Pod by Fernando Romero BathRoom Rendering

Derived  from  the  elliptical  forms  found in nature,  the  home  responds  to it  environment with a slight shift of the main horizontal axis, which provides passive shading on its most vulnerable sides. The 95 sqm. dwelling’s interior is split along the North-South axis, creating opportunities for flow of natural ventilation and interaction through the interior spaces. The structural grid,  which  radiates  from  the  center,  allows  the  home  to  be  easily  fabricated  off-site, shipped, and constructed on location.

CovetED Architectural Design Nest Pod by Fernando Romero Dining Room Rendering

The sleek, smooth exterior dialogues with its gently carved interior spaces. One single public area opens to the exterior by its panoramic windows, oriented North and South. A wall  compression  in  the  center  of  the  house  allows  two  areas,  for  dining  and  living, which defines as well on the sides the space for the two private rooms. Each dwelling is customizable in  room  number  and  color,  allowing  each  user  to create  a  one  of  a  kind experiential dwelling.

The Revolution  brings  with it  a  culmination  of  nature  derived  forms  and environmental spaces designed for the modern dweller.

Source – Revolution Precrafted





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