An Interview With Revolution Producer, Robbie Antonio

by Madelaine D’Angelo, Huffpost

Design and real estate developer, Robbie Antonio is known for his visionary work and innovative collaborations. His latest project, Revolution, is a collection of limited edition pre-crafted homes and pavilions that seek to democratize design and architecture. The project unites over 30 of the world’s renowned architects, artists and designers to create exclusive, pre-crafted livable spaces. Currently, Revolution is collaborating with Kengo Kuma, Cluckman Tang, Campana Brothers and Pritzker Prize-winner Zaha hadid, to name a few.

One of the biggest collectors in the Philippines, Antonio’s passion for art has established him as a leading tastemaker, cultural influencer and patron of the arts.

How did you start collecting?
Robbie Antonio: I began collecting a decade ago. New York was a major influencing force that cultivated my experience in culture, art, architecture and design. I took every opportunity of free time to visit museums and galleries.

What was the first piece of artwork you purchased and when?
Robbie Antonio: My first piece of artwork was a map piece by Julian Schnabel.

Tell us about Revolution. What was your inspiration for the project? Who are you working with? What should we look forward to?
Robbie Antonio: Each pavilion and home is individually branded by its designer’s personal concept of spatial form and social function. The result is a diverse and global collection of architecturally-innovative, pre-crafted properties, ranging from functional pavilions to modular homes.

My inspiration for the project came from my own passion and experience in art collection. I wanted to make architecture collectible – but at an accessible price point. Revolution preserves the exclusivity of art collection and by introducing prefabricated technology, expands the potential of ownership.

Currently I’m working with some of the world’s top designers and architects, as well as collaborating with brands like Wallpaper* to sign designers.

Throughout 2016, Revolution will continue to debut new designs – both homes and pavilions – at select art fairs.





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